Moved by faith in Christ and belief that all children deserve permanent, loving homes, Harry and Bertha Holt began their lifelong mission in 1955. Overcoming legal and cultural barriers, they sought families for children orphaned by the Korean War. The Holts knew the love we experience as children enables us to thrive. 

At Holt we help orphaned and vulnerable children to thrive, which begins by finding sponsors. It is sponsors who provide the necessary finances. The $34 a month enables trained caregivers to nurture children awaiting adoption or to be reunited with their birth family. These families then will love and nurture their children... forever.

Frank's Bio

Frank grew up in San Diego with Pastor Von of Spectrum Ministries as his youth pastor. Under Von’s teaching, Frank embraced the truth that God calls all of us to live His Word, not just read it (James 1:22-27). Frank traveled frequently to Tijuana with his youth group to reach out to the homeless and orphans. It was then Frank began to write songs about living radically for Christ. 

For over two decades, Frank has been partnering with churches and camps from coast to coast on behalf of "the least of these" through his teaching, concerts, and presentations. Frank's fresh laid-back style, coupled with his encouraging yet challenging message, has made him a sought after speaker throughout North America.

Most recently, Frank and Pam's passion "to look after orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27) brought them to partner with Holt International to find sponsors for children who have lost their parents or are at risk of losing their families due to illness, poverty or other hardships. Sponsorship provides basic life-giving essentials while Holt looks for a permanent loving family for the child. Without sponsorship, which is only $34 a month, most of these children would one day become a victim of human trafficking.

Frank has received numerous awards for his work on behalf of the poor.  In January of 2014, World Vision awarded the Grubbs for  acquiring 47,500 child sponsorships.

In under three minutes, Frank can show a video and speak about Holt child sponsorship, or  take the entire message time and share his most popular message: "Only People Count".



I want to respond to what I saw the Lord do through you this weekend. The few moments you spent in front of our congregation were a joy to behold. I've thought about this several times in the last few days, and each time I was moved to thank God for you.

Your presentation simply could not have been any more appropriate. Your encouraging words were given credibility by your natural and genuine demeanor.

According to my understanding of what makes communication effective, you absolutely rang the bell. I have to believe that this is not due to your mastery of certain techniques, but based on the fact that your heart is devoted to God. Your authentic passion shows clearly.

It is great to see one of God's servants in action. I would be happy to have you back at any time and would heartily recommend you to any who are considering inviting you to promote Holt Child Sponsorship, teach, and/or sing.

Dr. Larry Grine, Dayspring Fellowship, Keizer, OR